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The Total Green Intl geothermal New Jersey system will save the average homeowner between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars and more each year with the fastest return on investment of any renewable energy system while significantly increasing the value of the real estate. At the same time, geothermal New Jersey homeowners will make a positive contribution to the environment. The principals of Total Green Intl are BPI Certified in building analysis. Taking a whole-structure system approach Total Green Intl develops and implements a turn-key geothermal New Jersey system to allow clients to receive, without effort, the perfect water temperature the whole year round. Residential homeowners and commercial businesses need no longer buy oil, natural gas or propane for heating, cooling and the heating of water. Of all the geothermal New Jersey systems, the Total Green Intl DX geothermal system is the soundest choice.

Total Green Intl designs and installs geothermal New Jersey systems and focuses on the utilization of DX (Direct Exchange) and water loop geothermal and Hybrid renewable energy systems for residential and commercial properties in the Northeast. Total Green Intl's experience extends from commercial structures to churches, residential retrofit dating back to the 18th century to today's energy-centric new construction. Total Green Intl's comprehensive knowledge of building performance allows it to determine the best geothermal New Jersey system for client's structures and locations. For years to come Total Green Intl geothermal New Jersey systems will protect clients from unstable oil and gas prices and uncertain supply. Regardless of the price of heating oil and natural gas clients can trust that Total Green Intl has provided a geothermal New Jersey system in homes and businesses which yields a healthy environment-warm in winter, cool in summer, with hot water throughout the year-without their ever having to pay a fossil fuel bill and completely eliminating furnaces, A/C compressors and hot water heaters. The Total Green Intl DX geothermal technology is the most advanced in the market and is backed by years of research, design and real-world installations.

The Total Green Intl geothermal New Jersey system is made in the United States and is extremely cost effective and carries the best warranty in the business. When providing clients with geothermal New Jersey systems Total Green Intl is able to bring relationships with lenders ready to provide suitable financing. Once the Total Green Intl geothermal New Jersey system is installed, charged and in operation there will be no reason to add to or remove the refrigerant. As with home refrigerators, leaks are highly unlikely and therefore, recharging is not necessary. In the unlikely event of a leak the system can be recharged. Green Total is aware that the Department of Energy has conducted surveys that yield a high level of satisfaction with geothermal New Jersey heating and cooling systems when compared with conventional systems. More that 95% of all GHP users recommend the geothermal New Jersey system to their families and friends. Additionally, Green Total informs clients that, according to the DEC, R-407C is a non-toxic and non-flammable solution and does not represent a risk in a geothermal New Jersey application where spills are not likely.


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